Name:                           RTART
Region:                         Zaragoza, Spain
Type:                             Indoor
Supported platforms:  UGVs



The overall goal of RT-ART is to provide a realistic environment for ground robot experimentation. It includes the necessary steps for sharing a unique Art and Technology center, ETOPIA, which is available for ground robotic platforms experimentation.

This will be achieved by our contributed means integrated within the RAWFIE project sharing infrastructure. Five different scenarios will be available within the ETOPIA: the large museum entrance, an exhibition hall, a large gallery and connected corridors, a residential area and an outdoor terrace, in which four UGV will be available. We will provide monitoring tools, prior maps and assistance with the experimentation. The team supporting the proposal has valuable expertise on experimentation in real scenarios using real platforms for a broad variety of challenging robotic topics and projects.

Link: http://robots.unizar.es/rtart/index.html


Name:                           CATUAV
Region:                         Barcelon, Spain
Type:                             Outdoor
Supported platforms:  UAVs, UGVs



CATUAV / BCN DRONE CENTER provides to the RAWFIE an outdoor aerial testbed (AT) and vehicular testbed (VT) facilities, technical services, consultancy and operational support for the test activities of all kind of UAVs and UGVs.

CATUAV / BCN DRONE CENTER is placed in a rural environment but at 1h from the Barcelona international airport and city center. This privileged situation makes possible a total privacy of flights around 300 days/year, test of a great diversity of applications, installation of targets, static sensors and devices, integrated test campaigns for UAVs-UGVs , etc. with easy travel and accommodation resources.

Link: https://barcelonadronecenter.com


Name:                           CESA
Region:                         Bordeaux, France
Type:                             Outdoor
Supported platforms:  UAVs


CESA is an existing Outdoor Aerial Testbeds that deals with UAVs and offers to its experimenters the required services. CESA provides 4 testing sites including infrastructure, facilities, instruments and air spaces to practice flight tests in optimal security conditions. The management of CESA is already operational and its organisation is based on the best practices of flight testing in certified aeronautics

Link: http://cesadrones.com/


Name:                           MarEH4EU
Region:                         Bremen, German
Type:                             Indoor
Supported platforms: USVs


MarEH4EU is an Indoor Maritime Testbed provided to the RAWFIE federation testbeds. This large (23x19x8m) basin filled with salt water allows to test surface and underwater vessels under controlled, but very realistic conditions. With its dimensions and current technical infrastructure (sensors, monitoring equipment, cranes, IT infrastructure), the Maritime Exploration Hall of the German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is unique in Europe. As part of the RAWFIE federation of robot testbeds, the Maritime Exploration Hall can be used by the robotics community throughout Europe.

Link: https://www.dfki.de/robotik/en/research/research-facilities/maritime-exploration-hall.html


Name:                           HAI
Region:                         Tanagra, Greece
Type:                             Outdoor
Supported platforms:  UAVs, UGVs


HAI's industrial complex is located in Tanagra around 65 km North of city of Athens. The test-bed facility consists of an almost flat area. It includes a runway of around 300m length and 30 meters wide which can be used for take-off of wing UAVs. The testbed can support launching of all types of UAVs (winged, helicopter, multi-copter). Maximum allowed flight height is 500 ft AGL.

The testbed can also host UGVs and support experiments with them in an outdoor environment. For experiments involving UAVs a notification is required at least 15 days prior to the execution in order to get the necessary authorizations and issue a NOTAM.


Name:                           HMOD
Region:                         Skaramagas, Greece
Type:                             Outdoor
Supported platforms:  USVs, UGVs, UAVs


The Naval Base of Skaramagas is able to receive, inspect, launch and store UxVs. It provides military grade emergency services (i.e. crash, fire or rescue) and has the appropriate radar facilities and systems for tracking and surveillance. It provides extra telemetry and control facilities will be set in order to accommodate the needs of the experiments for all types of the devices.