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The RAWFIE platform

The RAWFIE platform offers a complete set of tools and services that automate the remote operation of a large number of robotic devices.

The fleet of unmanned RAWFIE devices are located at predefined testing grounds(testbeds) providing an extended testing infrastructure where anyone can conduct and monitor experiments in the domains of IoT, networking, sensing, satellite navigation. More specifically supported experiments can be categorized in the following groups based on the type of the experiment:

  • Experimentation of UxV's hardware components, where integration of new hardware to the vehicles of an existing testbed is supported, such as new sensors, network interfaces or alternative processing unit, etc.
  • Experimentation of UxV's software, where integration of new types of algorithms is supported.
  • Experimentation with dynamic re-routing of UxV's, where sensor and visual feedback is supported and dynamic relocation based on events(fire detection etc) is supported.

If you are interested in running your experiment using the RAWFIE platform and tools a support team will be more than willing to assist you in implementing your experiment.

How to proceed

Once the experimenter has a clear picture of what he would like to experiment on they should get in contact with the RAWFIE federation to be assisted for the preparation of the experiment. The experimenter should clarify the needs of the experiment and some additional information such as on which testbed are they interested in running the experiment, what type of devices they would like to use and when, using an online booking system, and new hardware that they would like to be installed, if needed.

After the request has been approved the experimenter can have access to the web portal and the administration tools of the platform as well as to documentation on how to use the platform. Different cases of usage are being supported and documented (e.g. data collection examples, hardware specifications according to the manufacturer etc.). Any software produced from the experimenter will be subject to testing and review before integrated to the platform from security reasons. Any new hardware will be reviewed and advized from the platform manager. Furthermore the experimenter is obliged to supply a documentation of his experiment in detail which will be approved by the "Ethics Commitee".

The launching day the experimenter can either launch manually the devices or schedule the launching time beforehand. In case of UAVs, qualified pilots must be supplied by the testbed operators and/or the University of Athens.

Contact us

If you are interested in running your experiment using the RAWFIE platform and infrastructure feel free to contact us at